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Answer: Of course I have no information about the Bible or the Torah and the defenses can not do, but hints about the origin of the Quran in the world in general is usually pressed, the screen and is associated with many metaphors. The more time passes and progress of human knowledge can be part of some verses of the Qur'an commentators with skepticism and doubt, each time a new interpretation in this regard are doing. However, the origin of the universe, knowledge of the world does not yet explain the exact expression is not known exactly when the world was born, and how is it quality? I speak and write Tyysthayy like Dawkins, who knows everything and even if I claim that modern human knows everything and everyone has discovered the secrets of creation. Those who are somewhat familiar with astronomy astronomy today, know that everything said and written about the origin of the heavens and the earth is a hundred percent theoretical and hypothetical and unproven facts in this field are a hundred percent mastery .

We can claim one or one hundred percent accurate, it would be wrong, that we form. Mr. Dawkins, who does nothing, all the scientists in the world today, all know the truth? Definitely not. The claim that Mr. Dawkins and foot spots Balajma Mr. Gholami has stated .... Now we explain the Bible and the Quran {. M} at the origin (the origin of life, organisms, species diversity, human origin) of water is totally wrong .... one hundred percent wrong. Today, with all its advances, not all human who knows what is fact and can not predict when the real finds. Does not matter. Physician or astronomer, physicist or chemist or mathematician. Severely frustrate him and waiting for a savior to his astonishment and Klafgy this all works out. Just like Dawkins and stand in the pulpit Tyysthayy Khvanhay like slave without any astonishment, right, right, walk and talk and write so sure!

Fans of "no competition" have no problem with this: The very simple Andyshanh them, and finally taste that is tilted to ask whether the Bible stories are true? They say that the literal words of the stories are completely devoid of truth. Religion and science are not in competition over a territory together. Speak about different things. Both are correct but their accuracy is of different kinds.

"No - not know", or fundamentalists, are more honest way. These groups do not conflict with the head on, and accept that until recently one of the main functions of religion to answer scientific questions have been: to explain how the universe and life. Historically, most religions have had for a cosmology and biology, or even more than they have. I doubt if many people used to ask God to justify their existence, their main reason is scientific. In my opinion, most people think that to explain the emergence of the world, and especially life, I need to. They make mistakes, but our educational system is born of ignorance.

Answer: Of course, ordinary people usually do not have much to science with theology, but it really all books and articles on philosophy and logic, and theology and religious studies by scholars of science and turn to God and the Resurrection and the proof ... Is written, not science? One of the problems atheists "see their world" and "ignorant of all the world see" the characters and the reasons are seen in other articles on this blog and in this article can be seen as well.

The group's "No - not know," Dean also because they can not be reconciled with the history of science in religion fled. Despite the very different world, God world without God. Physics or biology in the world is that God is different. So often the main claims of religion are scientific. Religion is a scientific theory.

I doubt seen in the papers all the opponents of religion. Suspicious and follow their own schools and other words la Audrey knows that no agnostic (because they have to confess that I do not agree, but not sufficient reason to reject God and do not say so), even the world's most famous atheists (that Mr. Dawkins is the largest of them) as well as their works are full of doubts about God boo Rykh can say there's really no real atheist. His book is an illusion to believe that religion can be divided into seven categories and their group of six (agnostic data) cites. In a recent debate I had with a doctor fluent Williams Archbishop of Canterbury in England, has also pointed to this thread ( link to film the debate .), including works in just a few doubts about the integrity of God and religion in the article, Mr. Dawkins can be seen and will see more in the works.

Sometimes accuse me arrogant attitude and lack of tolerance do arise with the creation. Arrogance is not a negative trait, and I considered it arrogant, I am weary. But everything has a limit! Students in the period for which to show my students how the specialist fields of evolution is something of which I was asked to have a discussion with the creation arise. My situation was comparable with this situation: Suppose you're a student of history who spent a lifetime studying Roman history, with all its details has. Who had come to such a degree in marine engineering or music, and strive with you to discuss the Romans have never existed. You will not find it difficult to tolerate this and Frvkhvrdn your anger? Such an attitude does not help a bit arrogant?

Re: Mr. Dawkins himself on one hand a fairly militant atheist militant atheist reading and writing controversial books, religious beliefs, challenges, but the intensity of the debate, he does away with the religious scholars (unless honor be) and the arrogance and pride of England is known in the scientific community. He believes that religious scholars are respected in this debate and this debate can be followed by oxygen to give them a chance ... you can read and judge for yourself:

Dawkins has followed the advice of his Colleague late Stephen Jay Gould and Refused to Participate in formal Debates with Creationists Because "what they seek is the oxygen of Respectability", and doing so would "give this oxygen by the Mere act of Engaging with Them Them at all "(link).

Translation: Dawkins, Stephen Jay Gould's former partner of the recommendations follow and participate in formal debates with followers Frytsh world (the name of scientific books to the belief that the creation of the world Saviors Movahedin and have been given by God) does not He says because of what they are searching, oxygen, and do respect their companion with them gives them that opportunity!

You can compare this with the behavior of the divine prophets PBUH had no difference among them and with everyone's universe, and ignorant took off. Mercy of Divine Essence

The third group, which means "everything - you know" (which I dubbed Namhrbananh to view their Pdrsalarnh've given them), they think that religion is good for people, may also be useful for society. Maybe it's good because that gives them comfort in times of death or disaster, or because it provides a moral code.

In this view, whether religious beliefs are actually true or not does not matter. They think, maybe God is not involved, we educated people know that there is no confirming evidence for any religious beliefs, let alone re-emergence of beliefs like Bakrgy Mary or Jesus. But the populace to have a God that they are open to the crime or make it easy for them to bear their sorrow. This minor problem that probably God is at work, the enormous benefits that religion has for the fade. Me about these "things - you know" because they do not say more about the scientific validity of any claims about having no religion.

Re: If religion is only two properties that deter crime and reduce the haunt of grief and human suffering, and had no Asrdygry and it also confirmed the absence of any scientific evidence that it was wise to hand the call and They get along. A world free of crime and sorrow is not the paradise it promises the prophets of God and human history has been a wish? Whether this character is a little thing? Even atheists know that faith without knowledge of their nature and properties of the two indifference and contempt with which they also did not pass it along. But the scientific claims of being non-scientific ideology of atheism and atheists base their religion should all know said they originally thought that the program is based on Darwin's theory and the theory is unproven. We need the opportunity to broaden their scientific arguments to show weakness, and we have a series of independent but that they cease all efforts atheist scientists in the past hundred years, and before and after it is definitely more than bewilderment and doubt that I have a more regret I know, does not affect their hearts.

God is a superstring?

Now fans of "no competition" back. The argument they put forward is worthy of review, but I do not deserve much more from the perspective of the other two groups.

God is not an old man with white beard, is seated in the heavens. So what? Word processing starts here. The explanation is that God is completely different: "God is not outside, the inside all of us." "God is my foundation." "God is the essence of life." God is the same world. "" I do not believe you are the world? '"However, I believe that the present world." "So you believe in God." "God is love, love Do not believe me?" "Well, So now you believe in God. "

When physicist new questions such as why the Big Bang occurred, because the laws of physics are not so in another way, why is this world, and like it back again, making a little inclined to be secret. Reply to this resort are a physicist who is a secret inner core, which is understandable, and perhaps never can get it and I might say that perhaps this inner core of mystery, is another name for God. Stephen Hawking or words, if we get out of this affair, perhaps "to know what is going on in the mind of God."

The problem is that this means God complex physicist with no resemblance to the God of the Bible or any other religion does. If you know of physics say that God is another name for Planck's constant, or is a superstring, we considered this metaphorical interpretation of his speech said that the nature or amount of superstring Planck's constant is a profound mystery. Obviously, this has nothing to do with inventory that is forgiving of sins, who will listen to prayers, which he began the day 5 or 6 o'clock, when I took the kerchief or praise; and has nothing to do with inventory that is able to atone for her sins, before and after birth, to condemn him to death.

Gospel legend

Here's more about knowing the new Big Bang cosmology, creation myth is true. Similarities between the new and complex physics and Jewish Babylonian creation myth that we have inherited today is extremely shallow.

Re: How great is God who created the heavens and I find knowledge and invisible Nhmh created, which is the same God Companion is weak and the oppressed? Whether God created man with twenty thousand billion cells, and this man and all living cells with many atoms Vmlkvl and that time management can hear whispers in the night with a sick little girl and her heart is with his interlocutors? Whether the great and wonderful creature that religionists say no resemblance with old hands are weak and helps them in the hardship is Religious responses to these questions is that all the gods that he is indeed a God and I know they say God did this so that you say and write and think and is still greater mind for you and open up Shnakhtsh They also know that most of the previous posts say it can never know God and against him on the lodge include Vhmtan you and believe in him. The answer is that they Nyystha I can not imagine that there are infinite depth Alazdad and then deny it, but despite his denial still feel their hearts, and occasionally in the bottom half of the pastors from sleep Parishan jump to send the curse of his daydream.

Fans of "no competition" in parts of the sacred texts and religious teachings that were once considered a scientific fact as the why, what say? Occurrence in the world, life, miracles of the Old Testament and New Testament fit Vajvr, survival after death, and generating what is called a virgin? Proponents of the "no competition", the importance of these moral tales, such as Hans Christian Anderson tale is Avzyp. Nothing is wrong with this view, but the problem is that they are almost never have taken such an approach.

Answer: It is not my intention to say nothing of all superstition and religion to the world that I'm defending it because Mr. Dawkins explicitly Khvrannd miracles of God and his prophets, he pointed me to answer. If you are a God with infinite power and positive attributes and negative attributes believe free admission to all divine prophets and miracles Bahrh their stories and topics that Mary was no contact with her ​​children to be easy but if you accept her work place Despite ourselves, we doubt that the wife and children and family constantly ask me whether I really exist?! If all the world to ignore what we know and not believe in the Resurrection is definitely no, Dawkins likes to reason that it is not considered to be suspect. God's peace be upon them all the followers of the divine prophets and the wind tried to erase the entire world and all human history, learn from what we can with the natural senses to feel the world is much bigger and more amazing facts Shgqt cease. This world-ending missing, the starting point and end point is our creation. The god of this world cease Annha endless and created more massive and unimaginable intelligence has dominated. The gods, the great intelligence in this world are endless and sometimes it feels like everything but admit they are compared with their physique and do not accept it are still on the past and the fact I will return.

Note: To read an interesting article about the intelligence world, I invite you to Mr. Michael Levy interesting article entitled The Wisdom Of The Universe Follow.

But I have written that ... The importance of these moral tales, such as Hans Christian Anderson tale is Avzyp ... is somewhat analogous to the ego. You can read the theory of evolution or evolution Bnyd from start to end is entirely based on speculation. All times are approximate and all the events and any other fixed number of fossils and bones and there is no picture. They say the same way that adverse environmental conditions can destroy creatures and creatures with their superior genetic traits utilizes remain and become even more so while everyone is the slightest information as of the general genetics that environmental factors may be involved in the expression of a gene or its silence and a phenotype is seen in living or not, but certainly lead to changes in expression and extinction of species is not a living organism to another organism. For example, under the effect of environmental conditions may be more long neck giraffe little giraffe, but certainly to become a horse or rhinoceros. The effects on the phenotype and genotype is very limited except billions of Muslim men who were circumcised in the history of the child should be circumcised children were born! It really is true that the miracles of Moses split the sea by peace be upon him and save his people from Pharaoh at the Nile river and drowning thousands of people were seen and we lied and turned on all the historical books listed species to each other and eventually become a single-cell of human upright This peculiar traits that are not documented in any fact or scientific FACT that Rob Orr? Healing a blind and legends like Hans Christian Anderson Fljha or evolution to its followers believe that bullshit?

For example, I recently spoke much of spiritual Jew, Sir Immanuel Jakvbvvyt, the ugliness of racism (racism) are heard. Racism is ugly, and should be stronger than those against it argued Excellency says. His words, because all humans have common ancestors Adam and Eve, after all human beings belong to the same race, the human race is Abvalbshr, so racism is ugly.

Re: the religious world to prove the ugliness of racism to the common ancestor and that their followers are all children of Adam and Eve, and you can rely on to be a common ancestor and that their followers are all children of a single cell or a carnivorous animal in the billions Years ago, you've been cited! not enter this problem at all.

If he's "no competition" was the story of Adam and Eve should have the same approach that we have with other stories.

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